Italian automaker Fiat has been trying to make return to the American auto market and they have been trying their best to introduce better cars that can really make them stay in the American market and compete with some of the top rivals in the same category. The automaker has been able to succeed to some level and therefore Fiat has now made an announcement that they will come up with their new 500 mini hatchback vehicle that can storm the market and compete the American hatchbacks. The all new 2014 Fiat 500L offers better options to the car buyers that want to try something else. Here we take a quick look at the top features of the vehicle in the 2014 Fiat 500L review below.

2014 Fiat 500L

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  • Fiat has been focusing on the style factor when they came up with the earlier 500 mini hatchback cars but this time they have decided to focus on functional aspects of the vehicle. The style factor of the 2014 Fiat 500L is very subjective and therefore many buyers may like it while many would be disappointed as well.
  • The front fascia of the vehicle is certainly not the best but it offers better aerodynamics to the vehicle to make it zippy on the roads. The protruding matte black front side of the vehicle also makes it look aggressive and sporty and they have integrated fog lights that look great.
  • The new car is 27.7 inches longer than the Fiat 500 hatchback that was launched earlier and that means that the car will have better performance and interior space. The side profile of the car is average with straight character lines that are very prominent.
  • The rear side of the vehicle also offers a classic retro look to the buyers as it gets simple and bold tail lights that do not appear futuristic in any way.


  • The new Fiat 500L is powered by turbocharged 1.4 liter four cylinder engine that generates 160 horsepower and 184 lb feet of torque. The engine is mated with six speed manual transmission or six speed automatic transmission which is optional. In terms of performance, Fiat has decided to upgrade the performance as the earlier Fiat 500 engine offers only 101 horsepower and 98 lb feet of torque.
  • So far the base model is the only one that has been tested for fuel efficiency and the 2014 Fiat 500L offers 25 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway. This is definitely better than the previous Fiat 500 hatchback that offers 24 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway.


The all new 2014 Fiat 500L gets similar safety features like ABS, stability control, traction control, driver knee airbags and front and side airbags.


  • While the car is relatively small it offers ample space and makes the interior look airy. It also lacks the cartoon bubble roofline that is present in the earlier model. On the inside, Fiat has made use of the gray and black interior that makes it look cheerful. The interiors look inspired from Mini Countryman but the headroom is not really great when compared with other hatchbacks.
  • The car also gets stadium styled rear seats that can slide forward to offer better seating angles and they can tumble as well to increase the cargo space. With the seats Fiat 500L gets 21.3 cubic feet of cargo that can be expanded up to 98.8 cubic feet.
  • The interior also gets 6.5 inch infotainment system with backup camera and sensors.


2014 Fiat 500L will be available in the market soon and will have base price of $19,100 and above.


While 2014 Fiat 500L offers better deal to hatchback buyers it will have some tough competition from other hatchbacks that offer similar and better deals to the buyers. 2014 Fiat 500L will compete rivals like Kia Soul, Nissan Cube and Ford C-Max  that certainly offer better fuel economy and better interior features.