Are You A Motorbike Newbie? Then Here’s Some Advice To Help You Get Started

Motorbike Newbie

Newbie motorbike

If you’re a Newbie motorbike, then you probably have a lot of questions. Most newbies do, and I aim to answer four of the most common questions down below:

Do I Need A Special License?

Yes, to drive a motorbike you’ll need a special license. You can’t get away with using the one you have for your car. Instead, you need to undergo another test to ensure you can own a motorcycle. This is because they fall under a different vehicle category to cars, which your license won’t cover.

What Safety Gear Do I Need?

This is arguably the most important question that needs answering. As a motorcycle owner, you have to wear all sorts of safety gear when you take your bike out on the roads. A lot of people think this stuff is optional, but it’s not. You need to have it, and I’ll take you through the essentials right now.

First off, you need a helmet. Your safety helmet is the most important piece of kit you’ll own, so, buy a good one that will last for ages and provide support. Next, you need to get a set of bike pants and jacket. These will help you deal with any adverse weather conditions as you drive, and stop your clothes from flapping away. Thirdly, get yourself a pair of motorcycle boots. There’s a wide range of options, look for some that provide good grip and durability. Then, get yourself some proper motorcycle gloves. Again, grip and durability are the main qualities to lookout for. Now, you have all your kit and can go on the roads safely.

Am I Allowed To Go Over The Speed Limit?

Funnily enough, many newbies ask this question when buying their first bike. Often, it’s because motorcyclists seem as though they’re constantly speeding. How many times have you been passed by one on the highway? It happens a lot, and some people believe that motorbikes are so fast they play by different rules. They follow a different speed limit, which allows them to go so much quicker than cars.

However, this is completely false. You still have to follow the same speed limit as everyone else. The reason motorcycles seem so fast is because they’re lighter and have quicker acceleration. Plus, they have much better maneuverability. So, they can zip through lanes and tight spaces on the highway with ease. It’s very rare that motorcyclists will be stopped still on a highway. They can get through traffic, which gives the illusion that they’re speeding, and playing by their own rules.

What Are The Benefits Of A Bike Compared To A Car?

I’ll keep this answer as short and sweet as possible for you. Bikes are generally cheaper to insure and run than cars. They’re more fuel efficient, and can be store far easier than a big bulky car. Plus, they get through tight spaces and crowded traffic in busy cities.

And there you have it, four frequently asked questions answered for motorbike newbies. I hope you understand more about bikes and are ready to make your first purchase!

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