The days of guessing how much air is in that one leaky tyre may be over. Many mobile application developers have launched interactive mobile apps for its users. These apps provide information which is aimed at making your journey safe and speedy. There are many free apps currently available on android and iOS platforms offering a variety of services. In terms of features, some of these apps provide access to information including tyre care and safe driving tips that will enhance safety.

Some of the free mobile applications that you can use for your car are:
Tire Expert: With thousands of tyres available, choosing the right tyre for your vehicle and individual driving needs may seem daunting. Tire Expert is an app which has an all-inclusive database of the most famous tyre brands and model to choose from. Once you select the preferred tyre size, a comprehensive tyre list from 12 famous tyre brands that include Continental tyres and Toyo tyres and 61 tyre models are displayed. The app has a calculator which can be used to calculate the difference in tyre width, radius, diameter, circumference, and vehicle actual speed after every change of tyre.

Tire Calculator: Buying tyres is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a confusing one. With this free app you can calculate the size of the replacement tyre. The app compares the tyre diameter, circumference, sidewall height, rim, and width, with that of new tyre and displays the result in mm, inches, percentage, kmph and mph. Knowing your tyre size can save you time and help you to make an informed purchase. It is very important to know the tyre size that is suitable for your vehicle.
Tire Facts: Tire Facts from Tire Safety Group is an app that determines whether the tyre has expired or been recalled. This free app also allows you to view the manufacturing history for a tyre, including the specific plant it was manufactured. The Tire Facts app will instantly detect if a tyre is expired and will also tell you how much longer your tyres will last. There is a handy section on tyre advice issues and about the importance of looking after tyres.

Mobile Applications that You Can Actually Use for Your Car

Smart Tire Size Calculator: Smart Tire Size Calculator allows you to see the differences between two different size wheel/tyre combinations. It will calculate the circumference of each tyre and show you the offset the speedometer will have with a new wheel and tire size. Adjust wheels to fit your car by parameters like tyre width, tyre height, rim diameter, rim width, and rim offset. The calculator features live tire size comparison and smart tire sizing. The app works with both Imperial and Metric units.

Gear Tire Calculator: Gear Tire Calculator app gives you speed on each gear based on gear ratio, tyre size and shifting rpm. The app also gives you rpm drop between shift based on shifting rpm and gear ratio. You can use this calculator if you want to change tyre size and see how it would affect the speed.

These apps are free. To download these apps, log onto Google Play.