You can find loads of different kinds of cars in the United States. However, there are some cars that have proven to be better sellers than others as you will notice in this list. This ranking is based on Automakers’ monthly report.

  1. Toyota Camry

    The Toyota Camry has been a popular seller for years and has sold about 215,000 models in the first half of 2015. Much of this is thanks to the vehicle being available for as little as $23,000. The 35 mpg on the highway is also a big plus. The vehicle also has 18-inch alloy wheels, soft leather-trimmed seats, and a sturdy 3.5L V6 engine at 268 hp. The vehicle is also better than the competing Hyundai Sonata in terms of its road performance and how well it can handle different surfaces. The Camry even has a 6.1-inch touchscreen instead of the 5-inch option the Sonata has.

    Image Source: Toyota

  2. Toyota Corolla

    The Toyota Corolla has sold 190,000 units so far this year. It is available for less than $20,000 in most cases and gets up to 37 mpg on the highway and 28 mpg in the city. It offers as six-speed manual transmission to go with its four-cylinder engine, a smooth rear suspension system and a 6.1-inch touch screen on the dashboard. It is more popular than the competing Ford Focus S sedan in that the Corolla has a lower engine displacement and a standard on-board computer, a feature the Focus does not have. The Corolla also has a smaller curb to curb turning cycle.

    Image Source: Toyota

  3. Nissan Altima

    The Nissan Altima continues to be popular as it has sold about 172,000 units this year. It offers a variety of engine options with ones going up to 270 hp. Designed to go 32 mpg on the highway or greater depending on the model, the Altima uses a well-organized dashboard that keeps information available while keeping people from turning away from the road. It stand out above the Kia Optima as it uses blind spot and lane detection warning systems, a tire pressure alert and about three inches more front legroom than what the Optima has.

    Image Source: Nissan

  4. Honda Civic

    Honda’s Civic has sold about 160,000 model in the first half of 2015. This sedan has a rating of 30 mpg on city roads and 39 mpg on the highway. Made with seating for five, it uses an I4 engine with a 1798 cc displacement and a five-speed manual transmission. The easily adjustable seats and 15-inch wheels on this car are especially popular. It stands out from the Hyundai Elantra in that it uses the brightest possible halogen headlights and features a reduced curb weight of close to 100 pounds. This keeps the car from using more fuel than necessary.

    Honda Civic
    Image Source: Honda

  5. Honda Accord

    The Honda Accord is one amazing vehicle that has sold 155,000 units this year. Available in a sedan or coupe variant, it works with up to 36 mpg on the highway and has a standard rearview camera, a sixth gear that has just been added for extra control and the Grade Logic Control system, a setup that reviews the road conditions to determine the best shift points on downhill or uphill drives. This vehicle competes with the Mazda 6 and Chrysler 200 and outshines them both with a better roofline design, added sound insulation features and a smoother drivetrain.

    Image Source: Honda