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Awesome Mods You Can Make To Man’s Best Machine

Best Machine

If a dog is man’s best friend, then we think it’s fair to say the car is his best machine. Nothing else compares to the sweet release you get as you cruise down the road in your dream machine. It’s why everyone refers to cars as “she.” It’s why we give them names and tuck them safely in the garage or under a tarp at night. We love our cars, and it’s also why once we get them, we can’t leave them as they are.

We have to make improvements. We have to make them bigger, faster stronger. We might add some new tech or make them the perfect entertainment machine. That’s right your car can be more than just a vehicle. It can be everything you ever wanted, and that’s no lie. Whether you’re looking to improve the performance, comfort, or style we’ve got the modifications. So sit back and read on as we race you through some of the coolest ways you can improve your ride.

Need For Speed

If you want to improve the performance of the car, you’re going to be looking at several cool modifications. The first is the suspension. You might remember from playing Need For Speed when you were younger that lowering the suspension made your car faster. It isn’t quite that simple in the reality of course. Lowering the suspension simply means that your car is easier to handle. This could allow experienced drivers to take corners faster without pirouetting off the road. But you have to be careful when lowering the suspension.

We’re sure you’ve seen plenty of small cars driving around with lowered suspensions. Remember, most cars weren’t built for this purpose, and lowering the suspension too far could damage the vehicle. That’s why if you do want to lower your car, you should take it to a skilled mechanic. This isn’t a job you want to complete yourself unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

Fuel Injection Modification

You can also think about a fuel injection modification. Don’t get the wrong idea here. As fun as you may think the idea is, we’re not suggesting you put NOS in your car. Rather, we’re looking at the possibility of improving your engine’s performance and fuel efficiency. Again, this will increase your speed significantly, but it certainly won’t feel like jumping to lightspeed. You can buy diesel injector parts online that will allow you to mod your engine for this purpose. But again, if you don’t know your way around your car, leave it to the professional. Damage to the engine could lead to an expensive repair job.

Next, have a look at your exhausts. This is another way to improve the performance of your vehicle and isn’t the aesthetic choice many people think it is. If you get bigger, badder exhausts on your car your engine will be able to use more fuel without limitations, making it more powerful than ever. This will also add a few extra horses to the power behind your machine.

Finally, you can think about adding a spoiler to your car. Spoilers fit into two categories. On the one hand, we think we can all agree certain spoilers look fantastic. On the other hand, spoilers act to create an air current, gluing your car down to the road. Again, this means you can go at faster speeds without the worry of losing control. They are usually only necessary on the most powerful machines.

Pimp My Ride

Then again, perhaps you would rather make some stylish changes to your car. This won’t affect the performance of your vehicle but it will make your car look stunning. One option you can consider is a complete repaint. You can paint your color and shade you like and to do this you’ll have to spend a few hundred. You can even get protective paint jobs. This means if your car is involved in a crash it won’t sustain as much damage to the body of the car.

Or, what about adding some new, sweet neon lights. Commonly seen on racing cars they do occasionally crop up on the random privately owned vehicle. At night we have to admit they can look stunning, particularly if you choose the color that contrasts perfectly with your vehicle.

Then of course there are the wheels. You can get brilliant rims for your wheels that look fantastic with plenty of different styles. The best wheel rims will cost a few hundred but they look awesome.  They’ll certainly make your car stand out on the street, that’s for sure.

Tech And Gizmos

There are some incredible pieces of tech that you can buy for your car. If you have a family, you can start by buying screens for each of the back seats. That means that your kids can watch their favorite shows while you’re driving them around. If you’re worried about distractions you can always buy them earphones so that they can watch Sponge Bob in silence.

An extra safety feature you might want to consider is a front and back camera. On some of the latest car models these, come pre-installed. But you can also purchase them separately. These are useful for parking safely and recording any accidents you’re involved in on the road.

But we think our favorite tech mod has got to be a new sound system with surround speakers. If you get the right sound system for your vehicle, you can make the inside of your car sound like a rock stadium. Will it annoy people you pass on the highway? Sure, but you won’t be able to hear their curses when you’re playing your favorite tunes.

Comfort And Class

Last but certainly not least, you can upgrade the comfort features in your vehicle. It’s possible to buy and install racing seats for the front of your vehicle. These are fantastic if you ever take your best machine down to the tracks for a proper spin.

Or perhaps, you just want to upgrade the seat material. Get leather seats and sink into luxury as you’re cruising down the highway to and from work. The daily commute has never felt this good.

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We hope you have fun with these mods and love the way your ride feels.


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