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Features Of 5 Best 2012 Sports Cars Explained

best 2012 sports cars

Planning to own best sports car? Then you will definitely be in search of new models that are either available in the market or ready for release. Here is an overview of five best 2012 sports cars.

1.    Ford Focus ST

This wonderful sports car that delivers best performance and efficiency has an intense side that opens out with just a push of button.

  • The chassis and suspension are better than that observed in previous models.
  • It is equipped with new electronic power assist steering that responds well to your inputs.
  • The torque vectoring control system distributes torque efficiently as per the driving conditions.
  • To ensure safe driving it has AdvanceTrac electronic stability control system with anti-lock brakes.

On the whole Ford Focus, the 2012 sports car uses a unique technology that lets you enjoy perfectly.

Image By : hothatchheaven

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2.    Mitsubishi Evo XI

This is being considered as the best Evo so far.

•    It is designed with the new electric or hybrid technology in which the 2.0 liter MIVEC petrol engine is linked to new plug-in hybrid system with powerful lithium-ion batteries. The best part of this technology is the car is driven by the electric motor but not by the gas engine.

•    The 2.0 liter engine will only occasionally drive the rear wheel depending on the requirement. This hybrid motor promises to offer fuel efficiency and low carbondioxide emission.

Other features include the steering and roll control suspension system and efficient torque distribution system that lets Mitsubishi Evo XI to deliver outstanding performance.

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3.    Toyota Prius C

This is a fuel efficient compact sports car with hybrid engine. Attractive feature of this car include:

•    1.5 liter DOHC four cylinder.

•     16-valve VVT-I gasoline engine that generates high output.

•    The smaller body with a wheel base of just 2,550mm makes it the best car to use in busy cities with narrow streets.

It is the preferred car for singles without big families and do not need much space.

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4.    Volkswagen Golf R

Volkswagen renowned for style and smooth ride has maintained the same even in its new Golf R. This 2012 sports car is equipped with

•    Powerful engine capable of generating 280h.

•    Real six speed gearbox and also stylish body.

•     It is also highly fuel efficient compared to earlier models.

Brake rotors, aggressive stability controlling feature with track setting ensures safe driving. It is available in both two door and four door body.

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5.    Chevy Camaro ZL1

The key features of this new model from Chevy include

•    6.5 liter Gen IV V-8 engine, four-wheel disc with ABS.

•    Two-piece and one-piece motors at the front and rear respectively.

•     20 inches wheel.

•     Traction control system and a regenerative system on the front brakes and a brake assisting system for safe driving.

•    For easy maintenance, Chevy has included a tire pressure monitor that indicates when it is time to fill air.

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The power adjustable mirrors, satellite radio system, wireless technology for selected phones, USB, remote vehicle started system and air conditioning make this sports car very comfortable.

All of these listed 2012 sports cars have amazing features and are worth the price. They would definitely offer all the comfort and style expected in a sports car.