General Motors has announced an all-new range of small engines for worldwide auto markets. The new Ecotec engines are believed to have a modular architecture broadening its adaptability to the global markets with less complexity in production. The consumers will experience an improved efficiency, refinement, and durability with this technology.

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Mechanical Description

General Motors will be producing 11 new small-displacement engines ranging from 1.0 – 1.5 liter with three- and four-cylinder variants. The power generation capacity of these engines will range from 75 horsepower to 165 horsepower, while the torque would extend from 95 Nm to 250 Nm, respectively. The effective design of the engine would help it in supporting the eco-friendly and alternative fuel hybrid systems. These machines are claimed to be more efficient than their predecessors yielding high performance and are less harmful for the environment.


The company is planning to manufacture around 2.5 million Ecotec engines annually until 2017. The production will be carried at five manufacturing facilities around the world including those in China, US, Hungary, Mexico, and South Korea. General Motors will allocate the latest engine technology to 27 models under five different subsidiary brands including Chevrolet, Opel, Holden and Vauxhall. The company has projected to spend over $200 million to develop the infrastructure facilitating the production of new Ecotec engines.

Global Distribution

Considering the projected production volume, it is quite obvious that the new engine technology is aimed to serve the consumers globally. However China, being the most demanding auto market, will receive Ecotec technology embedded in the all new Chevrolet Cruze. Production units at Hungary will craft the engine into Opel ADAM for European markets, while Holden is expected to embed the technology to its Barina range offered in Australia. The British consumers will be provided with Ecotec technology by Vauxhall, the subsidiary of GM in the UK. Other target markets are South Asia and Middle East.

General Motors is all set to empower its global vehicle portfolio with the latest eco technology by the end of this year. Consumers will witness it in certain small cars and crossovers with the model year tag of 2015.