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Is Honda CR-Z Hybrid a Good Bargain?

Car makers today are very specific about how they want to impress their buyers and therefore they are coming up with new cars that are environment friendly and fuel efficient. However, many fuel efficient cars in the past do not have the elegant looks that can impress more buyers when they look at it. Honda has finally decided to break the myth that hybrid cars do not have the appearances that can turn heads. The all new Honda CR-Z Hybrid is a fuel efficient car that has a sport looks that can make any car buyer think twice.


Let’s start the Honda CR-Z Hybrid review with the exteriors and appearance of the vehicle. Honda has worked hard on the style factor of the car and the company has decided to pick up the design from Honda Insight. The car has a better curve and therefore it can instantly attract many buyers that are interested in buying fuel efficient cars that have sporty appearance. The front is very aerodynamic with abrupt rear design which makes it look very futuristic as well. Honda revealed that the abrupt low rear actually allows the air resistance to break down and therefore helps the car to be more fuel efficient. This two seat coupe is definitely in the competition with other hatchbacks in the same range like Chevrolet Volt and Toyota Prius.

Honda CR-Z Hybrid

Honda CR-Z Hybrid

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Honda is very keen on performance of their cars and therefore they have incorporated sixth generation IMA in the car. The all new Honda CR-Z is powered by 1.5 liter four cylinder 16 valve engine that has i-VTEC technology that Honda is really proud of. This technology actually helps the car to be more fuel efficient and at the same time reduces exhaust emissions making it more environment friendly. The engine has the capability to produce 113 horsepower and 107 lb feet of torque. The car also has 10 kW electric motor that can produce another 13 horsepower and 58 lb feet of torque. This means that the car can produce 122 combined horsepower. Honda will be providing six speed manual transmission and the car comes in three different modes Sport, Normal and Econ.

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Honda has also focused on how the driver and passengers will have better space inside the vehicle. Hence, the company has provide better leg space and head room for taller passengers and drivers. The car has 25.1 cubic feet of space right behind the seats which is definitely more space than any other hatchback in the same range. On the front, the dashboard looks very futuristic and Honda has decided to make it look more like concept vehicle. The analog tachometer also has digital speed display in the middle. Most of the dashboard controls and settings are well inside the reach of the driver and therefore drivers can access all the controls without any stretching. Although, Honda has not used luxurious leather for the seats but they don’t look cheap either so buyers will be pretty much impressed with the way Honda has carved the interiors.

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Overall, Honda CR-Z Hybrid has managed to gain some attention of the buyers that are looking for hybrid cars that look great and perform better. Honda has provided most of the features that customers look out for so it is a good bargain for buyers that need small environment friendly cars.

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