Nissan GT-R is turbocharged supercar having an instrument of pure speed. It’s a six-figure price, much high for Nissan but it’s cheap among its rivals Porsche, Ferrari, Chevrolet and Audi.
It has been named to be a supercar for a reason that it has a 3.8 liter twin turbo V-6 having 530 hp though initially it was making 473 hp. The car is having a unique layout with engine at front and transmission in back.

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Some people have not appreciated the looks of the car as they didn’t find it to be as exotic as some other sports cars but if you notice closely you will find that it does have some elements to be appreciated like the quad circular rear lights, rear wing, rakish roofline, the smoke-finish RAYS forged aluminum wheels is something not be undermined.

The interior of the car is also given some special features like the Cold Weather Package, iPod interface, heated seats, Bose audio upgrade, quick-shifting dual-clutch, the variable power-split all-wheel drive system which ensures safe and fast drive. The overall handling of the car is excellent.

Nissan have been continuously making upgrades and have raised power, outputs as well as prices. And it has also been announced that there would further improvements in 2014. There would be a special Track Edition which will be followed by a Nismo Edition in 2014. In addition to some structural changes there would also be an improvement in engine with high-output fuel injectors. The news is that the prices will also rise to a vase of $99,590.

Nissan believes that this new GT-R Nismo GT500 is few seconds faster per lap than the last model. It has also been tested at the Sepand Circuit in Malaysia where it broke the test record.
The price of the car is not yet announced but it is hoped to be under $200,000.
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