Lexus has been known for introducing some of the stylish and most exquisite design vehicles and it was last year that Lexus came up with the Lexus Design Award that honors some of the best minds in car design. Lexus has now made an announcement that they have selected the 12 winners for the second Lexus Design Award which is an international design competition. Lexus revealed that for the competition this year they received 1,157 submissions during the application period. It took six judges to decide the 12 winners that will now be honored by Lexus for the kind of work they have done in the field of design.

Lexus mentioned that Lexus Design Award is also an opportunity for young innovators to showcase their works while they received feedbacks from world renowned professionals in the field of design. Lexus also said that the theme for the second competition was Curiosity and therefore designers had to think about various design patterns that focus on curiosity and how it impacts the world. Out of the 12 designers that have won the award, two will be able to create prototypes of their design in close collaboration with mentors like Arthur Huang and Robin Hunicke. The two prototypes that are created will be displayed along with other 10 winning entries at Milan Design Week that begins in April 2014.

Lexus believes that with the help of such competitions they can bring out the best talent and skills in the field of design that can help them to bring out better designs in their vehicles in the future.