Lexus Design Amazing has been an inspiration for a couple of years. That is the reason, why I am now looking forward for the upcoming episode of the series, Lexus Design Amazing 2014 Milan. The event is scheduled to take place from April 08 to April 13. Organizing this event year is an efficient attempt of Lexus International to integrate art and technology.

This design week will feature the work of three renowned designers of the world, including Creative Designer Nao Tamura from Japan, Architect and Designer Fabio Novembre from host Italy, and renowned American technological research team from MIT Media Lab.

Lexus should be applauded for its commitment to provide the emerging talent with an opportunity to ascertain themselves. With the patronage of Lexus International, Milan Design Week 2014 will also hold the Lexus Design Award 2014. The organizer has already received hundreds of innovative proposals, among which twelve entries will be awarded with Lexus Design Award 2014.

And guess what! All the twelve will further be refined to pick out two recipients of five million yen each. Moreover, the funded prototypes will also be revealed at the Lexus Design Amazing 2014, while the judges’ panel of six extremely capable and accomplished individuals will give the verdict.
This is really a great admiration of talent by Lexus International, as the EVP Mark Templin will also be there on the occasion to acknowledge the work of partakers. Although the proposal submission deadline has passed, the tech geeks should consider it for the next session.

I believe, the gathering at Milan this April will be better than the previous years as the event is creating lots of hype.