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The Long Distance Driving Guide You Need To Read

Long distance driving is classed as anything that puts you behind the wheel for more than a few hours. Maybe you’ve booked a family holiday on the coast, and you need to reach your cottage? Perhaps you have a big business meeting in another country? In both of those circumstances, it makes sense prepare. The information in this post should help to ensure you don’t get anything wrong.

Never drink the night before you drive

Alcohol can stay in your system for the best part of 24 hours. That is especially the case if you consume copious amounts. The infographic on this page should help to convince you of the dangers involved. Even with a good night’s sleep, you could be over the limit in the morning.

Plan your breaks

You will have to take a break every couple of hours to ensure you don’t become too tired. It is always sensible to check your route in advance and choose certain service stations etc. That way, you will know it is time to stop when you see the signs along the motorway.

Always check your engine

It is essential that engine checks are performed prior to a long distance commute. The last thing you need is to call the recovery people because you’ve broken down. Checking oil and fluid levels if not difficult. Just refer to your manual.

Take a map

Satellite navigation systems are all well and good. However, they are not going to help you when the batteries die. So, it is wise to mark out your route on a map before leaving home. At least then you’re not lost in the middle of nowhere.

Good luck with your long distance driving this year. Most people only have to do it once or twice, so the situation shouldn’t become too stressful. See you back here soon!

Infographic from Gray & Co