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Munich’s Olympic Stadium – Spectacular motocross stunts

Munich’s Olympic Stadium

More than 30,000 spectators in Munich’s Olympic Stadium watched breathtaking motocross stunts as the world’s best freestyle motocross riders competed against each other in 6 contests in this event series, Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. The best of the motocross riders from all over the world, kept the crowds in frenzy with their daredevil leaps. Those stunning tricks at dizzying heights were worth watching out for. The frenetic crowd, sheering for their favorite competitors, only infused moiré energy and madness in the event.

Munich’s Olympic Stadium

The winner

Thomas Pagès, the 24-year-old young Frenchman won the final stage of the tour. He managed to thrill spectators with his 540-degree turn in the air and with no backflip in his repertoire. Each of the participants gave in their best performance, testing their abilities and pushing the boundaries. The other defending champions were Eigo Sato of Japan and Dany Torres of Spain.

The event was hosted at Munich for the first time in the history of the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour. Earlier, the even has been hosted at other cities like Glen Helen, Dubai, Madrid and Istanbul. Everyone is now heading for Sydney where the finals will take place in October 2012.

Source by : Flickr