Le Mans 24 hours is going to witness the G.T Academy winners Wolfgang Riep and Lucas Ordonez to control a new design of buttons for Nissan ZEOD RC which is going to launch in the elite event. The speed machine is believed to comprise an aggregated combustion engine to generate 400 horse power from a fuel intake of 1.5 liters. An electric motor pair for producing 300 horse power, 88pounds power plant and a set of 3 cylinders is the other crucial integrations in the racing car. The same gear box is being utilized for driving the car with gasoline and the electric system.

ZEOD RC drivers have a new set of buttons to push

The battery has been located by the rear of the tub with the electric motors. On the contrary, the internal combustion engine has been functioned just behind the fuel tank. Le Mans seems to give an impeccable joy to the spectators and racing car buffs as the speed car will feature an exclusive 400 volt system in relation with the electric motors, 12 volt for lights and an amazing radio.