As more and more automakers focus on using hybrid platforms for their vehicles PSA Peugeot Sport division has decided to take the plug-in hybrid route to balance between performance and superior efficiency. The automaker now believes that hybrid technologies are going to play an important role in the near future cars and therefore they are coming up with vehicles that incorporate this technology.

PSA Peugeot Citroen CEO Carlos Tavares mentioned that the new age plug-in hybrid technology will allow them an option to combine high performance with better efficiency. The automaker said that they currently rely on turbocharging technology used in their high performance models like 208 GTi, 308 GT and RCZ R, but for that they also need to offer better acceleration, low CO2 and high autonomy. With the help of hybrid technology they can achieve the two contrasting features.



The company also said that the Peugeot Sports race engineering team will be working on new hybrid technologies and will come up with performance car development on a regular basis since they believe that many of their fans would want better cars that not just performance but also have better efficiency. Recently, Peugeot Sport revealed their updated version of Exalt Concept car at the Paris Motor Show.