If you are considering buying a car, you are probably in the throes of deciding between a brand new or used one. I would say that this is probably one of the biggest hurdles that most car drivers face because each option has its own pros and cons, and there are many reasons why you should buy one over the other.

Doing a Google search will have doubtless returned a number of search results from web pages telling you to buy a used car, but today I am going to be playing devil’s advocate and suggest that you actually buy a brand new car! Intrigued? Read on to learn more about why you haven’t yet realised that this could actually be the best decision you ever made in your life!

It’s new

Yes, Captain Obvious has struck again! One of the reasons why you should buy a brand new car is literally because it’s new!

The thing about used cars is that you really are playing a lottery of sorts when it comes to getting a reliable and functional vehicle. Although the chances are low, there is always the possibility that you might end up with a car that has a hidden history being sold by an unscrupulous car dealer.

But if you buy a brand new car from a dealer such as easternwestern.co.uk, you will be getting a car that no-one else has owned before, and it will have that “new car” smell that you only really get from new cars and not from fragrance bottles!


These days cars are built to strict standards, and it’s extremely rare to end up with a brand new car that is about as reliable as an old banger! The only maintenance costs that you would have to pay for with a brand new car is just a standard 12,000 mile or 12-month service, which is basically just an oil and filter change.


If you buy a used car, you don’t typically get any choice as to what optional extras the car comes with. But when you buy new, you can specify any features and enhancements you want, and you even get to choose what colour your new pride and joy comes in!

So, if you wanted that all-singing and all-dancing infotainment system that has built-in satellite navigation, DAB radio and Bluetooth capabilities, you can ask for that option to be installed.

Flexible leasing

The biggest gripe that a lot of naysayers have with brand new cars is depreciation. In layman’s terms, cars lose value over time, with most of the value being lost within the first 12 to 36 months of ownership.

With lease deals, you are simply paying for the use of the car over 3 years or so, and after that period you are free to trade the car in for another brand new model or you could simply hand the car back, as long as you haven’t gone over your pre-agreed annual mileage limits.

This gives motorists the flexibility to changing their car sooner rather than later, and they don’t have to deal with the negative effects that depreciation presents!

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