The New Jersey Assembly has passed a bill, which may allow Tesla to carry its sales directly to customers without involving an intermediary. The bill will now be presented to state Senate for approval and if passed, will permit every zero-emission vehicle producer to sell directly to consumers.

Earlier this year, state Motor Vehicle Commission objected on Tesla for setting up company-owned outlets and engaging straight with consumers. The commission demanded that the manufacturer should be blocked from direct sales.

Although the sales figures aren’t very impressive in the US, Tesla’s direct selling strategy has concerned automotive dealers in every state across the country. After this legislation is approved by  state senate and signed by Governor Chris Christie, Tesla Motors will be allowed to sell its zero-emission electric vehicles in the country through its own outlets.

Moreover, the sanctioned bill included that the manufacturers would demand its dealers not more than once in ten years to renovate the facilities. This decision has been admired and supported by New York State Automobile Dealers’ Association.

Besides the confrontation from independent automotive dealers and fuel companies, Tesla Motors is expanding itself across United States with its own display and sales centers. Recently, the company opened a new gallery at Dallas’ North Park Center, which is the first one in North Texas.