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These Strange Driving Laws Actually Exist!

The world is a crazy place. When vehicle it comes to our roads, there are so many driving laws out there that it’s difficult to keep track of what’s going on. That’s especially the case when we go abroad, adapting to a totally new way of doing things. So, along come these weird and wacky laws to confuse us even more! There are a variety of strange laws throughout the world that seems too crazy to be true. But they are, and we’re going to document them for you now.

Don’t Drive Blindfolded!

Yes, this is a law. In Alabama, of all places. There’s not a whole lot we know about it, either. We don’t know why this law exists, and quite frankly, it’s more exciting that way. In fact, this law should be in place everywhere. Can you imagine someone going to an auto accident attorney at The Harrington Law Group because they crashed while blindfolded? “Well, the other person shouldn’t have been in my way!” I don’t think they’d have much of a case.

Please Don’t Stop For Pedestrians

In countries like the USA, Canada, and the UK, stopping for pedestrians is something you’re encouraged to do. Not in China, where stopping for pedestrians is something that is actually illegal. If you take a trip to China in the near future, you better make sure you pick your moments carefully when you cross the road!


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Keep Your Car Clean!

Uh, oh. I’d be awful at this one. We’re off to Russia now, where they’ve implemented an interesting rule that dirty cars are not allowed to be driven. If you find yourself with an overly dirty car in Russia, expect to get fined very quickly. There’s no actual definition of what counts as dirty as far as we know, so it’s up to each individual officer to decide. It’s probably best to give it a clean every now and again!

Two Is Better Than One

This law is strange, but it also feels like complete common sense. In Spain, you’re required by law to keep an extra pair of glasses in the car if you need to wear them while driving. Obviously, the theory is that if something goes wrong, you’ve got a backup pair. It keeps everyone safe on the roads, including yourself. It seems so simple and obvious, but we still regard this law as ‘strange.’ You can bet companies like GlassesUSA wish it were legal over here!


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No Splashing!

We’ve probably all come across YouTube videos in the past where splashing someone is seen as a hilarious prank. Not in Japan, it isn’t. In keeping with their courteous nature, splashing is illegal. You won’t find many complaints about this, either!

Honey, I Ran Over The Kids!

There’s a lot of things we have to do before we get behind the wheel of a car. It’s key to maintain our vehicle correctly, making sure we’re ready to head on our travels. However, in Denmark, there’s one other crucial element to think about in regards to travel preparation. You must check to make sure there aren’t any kids hiding underneath the car before you set off. Won’t somebody think of the children?! Yes, Denmark will.

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