Autonomous Cars Are The Future

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We have been hearing about autonomous cars for quite some time now with most auto giants claiming to bring Level-5 Autonomy by the year 2020. Tesla, Audi, Uber, Ford, Waymo, BMW, Mercedes and other manufacturers are working hard to make this vision come true. To make these cars drive autonomously, they must have advanced cameras, safety sensors, internet connectivity and lots of other technologies. It’s true that most of these features are already available in these self-driving cars, but car enthusiasts wonder what else should they expect in the future? This is where YourParkingSpace comes in to define cars of the future.

The parking company has created an infographic which demonstrates the future auto technologies including theft protection system, biometric vehicle access, health monitoring system and so on. The infographic also tells that a lot of tech features are available in high-end cars and are being improved to make driving easier and joyful. Find out more below:

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