BMW to Launch 7th Generation 5 Series in 2017 with Revolutionary Features

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No doubt, 5 Series is one of the leading models of BMW serving their customers worldwide for more than four decades. You may know that the German automaker will discontinue the production of its latest (6th) generation 5 Series in 2016. Meanwhile, when everyone is speculating on the next generation of this vehicle, officials have released certain facts about it.

The seventh generation 5 Series will be encompassing an all-new 150 brake horse power three cylinder engine. With the stated fuel economy of 3.0 liter/100km, the new 5 Series could be the most fuel efficient sedan. These breakthrough readings will be achieved by skillful engineering and reviewed patterns of production. Major use of Carbon Fiber and Aluminum on both the bodywork and inside will reduce 100kg from the overall weight. This would improve the performance and reduce the fuel consumption at the same time.

2017 BMW 5 Series

Currently, the BMW 5 Series is built on F11 chassis, which will be upgraded in the 7th generation model. It has also been revealed that the next generations of 6 Series and 7 Series will also employ the same upgraded chassis as that in 5 Series. Talking about exterior, the design will be tweaked with aerodynamic edges, extended headlamps and sleek roofline.

2017 BMW 5 Series

As the prototypes are still under inspection, the given descriptions are subject to possible changes. BMW AG will hopefully be coming up with further news and announcements regarding its next generation developments including 5 Series. For the moment, we will be holding on the manufacturer’s official blog for more updates.

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