BMW Unveils 30th Anniversary Edition M5

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The M5 is a special car produced by German car manufacturer BMW and is basically a more-powerful version of the 5-Series saloon. Fully loaded with every conceivable gadget and electronic automotive feature you could think of, the BMW M5 is one of those powerful motorway stormers that every petrolhead would love to own and get behind the wheel of.

BMW have recently announced that they plan to mark the 30th anniversary of the M5 by releasing a limited-edition “30-Jahre” variant. With just 300 of these monsters in production, M5 enthusiasts will be beating down the doors of BMW headquarters to get their hands on this rare model. Here’s why:

It’s more powerful than the standard M5

One of the first things that will impress all M5 enthusiasts around the world is the fact that the 30th anniversary edition will have a performance boost under the hood! Sporting a total power output of 592 brake horsepower, this limited edition M5 will have an extra 40 brake horsepower on tap.

This special piece of German engineering can take you to 62 mph (100 km/h) from a standing start in just 3.9 seconds; four-tenths faster than a standard M5, and three-tenths faster than one with the optional Competition Pack. You sure have got to love those 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 engines!

It has a better chassis

According to Matt from, the 30th anniversary BMW M5 will also feature the chassis upgrades that are found in the “Competition Pack” that M5 owners can normally opt for.

This means the limited edition M5 will have a suspension setup that is lowered by an extra 10 millimetres, stiffened anti-roll bars, and some other steering and transmission enhancements.

You can remove the limiter for track-day fun

By default, this car is limited to 155 mph. Obviously you won’t be able to attain such speeds on public roads, but a lot of M5 owners take their cars on the track for a day filled with racing action!

Of course, some people really do have a need for speed, and so if you buy one of these limited edition models with the “Driver Pack”, you can have the speed limiter removed; this will take you up to a maximum speed of 190 mph!

30 are heading over to the UK

BMW have confirmed to the motoring press that just 30 models will be heading over to the United Kingdom. Whilst this means that you need to get in there fast if you want to own one from brand new, it will also do wonders for used-car depreciation values because it is such a rare car!

However, you might find that the price tag is somewhat off-putting. This is because you will need to hand over £91,890 to buy one, which equates to just over £10k more than a standard M5 with the Competition Pack.

Still, whilst this car might be out of the reach of most people’s budgets, the more-discerning motorists will have no problem coughing up such a premium for this special edition car!

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