Customise Your Car In These Amazing Ways Today

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Pimping out your ride can be a really fun experience. There are so many different ways to customise both the exterior and interior of your vehicle. So much so, that perhaps you’re struggling to choose which method looks the most amazing. Here’s a helpful guide and some great ideas!

Private Number Plate

Getting a private number plate is awesome. Ever struggle to find your vehicle in a car park? You won’t anymore! You can represent your personality through your plate. You might opt to choose your birthday, a lucky number, a name or even a cool slogan to spell out across your front and back bumpers. Check out sites like Plates4Less, where you can find, sell and buy car number plates. Remember, numbers can make a great substitute for certain letters. So if you’re struggling to make a name or a word, consider this. An ‘8’ makes for a great ‘B’, while a ‘1’ is easily recognisable as an ‘I’. This is possibly the most popular way to customise your car today!

New Tyres

Rusty old tyres never look great on a cool car. So, be sure to upgrade yours if you want your vehicle to look its best! Elite Direct is an incredible stockist of over 10,000 different types of tire. So, you’ll be spoilt for choice should you chose them or a provider, similar. Getting new rims for your wheels might also smarten up your car’s look, if you’re looking to tart it up all the way from the basics to the interior. While you’re at it. Be sure to maintain the correct air pressure within your tyres, particularly if you do long journeys quite often. It’s all part of looking after your car. Driving with the incorrect tyre pressure can be incredibly unsafe, and in no way amazing or cool!

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Smart Tech

One of the most amazing things you can do to your car is smarten up the interior. We’re not just talking leather racing seats, we mean with technology! Rip out your dashboard and install a small Android tablet. Something like a Nexus 7 is perfect for this, as its form factor is the ideal size for most cars’ dashboards. You can run Android Auto on this tablet and have a far superior in-car digital dashboard. This is in comparison to what your manufacturer may have provided. Android Auto connects to your phone over Bluetooth. This enables a number of cool features. Most notably to use Google Maps as a SatNav. Google’s mapping service is arguably the best in the business too! You can also access your Spotify playlists as well as answering your phone calls and texts messages via voice, while driving! Awesome.

Customise Your Car In These Amazing Ways Today

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Hopefully, these three awesome upgrades for your car have inspired you to customise your vehicle. Getting a private plate will help your car feel way more like your own. While getting new tyres and rims will make the exterior of the car look incredible. Having a tablet fitted nicely into your dashboard will enable you to experience the ultimate in-car experience, too! Good luck with your customisations!

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