Details Emerge Regarding the new BMW i5 – BMW i5

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BMW i5

For the longest time. It was predicted that the next model will emerge in the BMW I division. It will be named BMW i5 (the name i7 also did the rounds). This car was considered to position itself between the i3 C and the i8 hybrid sports car. Some more details regarding the car have now emerged.

The i5 might be adopting the ‘Power eDrive’ from the hybrid variety. Which was displayed in its prototype car from last year. One thing that makes this system stand apart from the plug-in system is that it is a lot more reliable on electric motors and high-density batteries.

The prototype which was showcased has a four-cylinder 2-liter engine that came with a couple of electric motors which gave a combined output of more than 670 hp. While one of these is made use of to power its rear wheels, the other powers the wheels on the front.

The maximum output that you can expect from the car is approximately 640 hp. The electric model can be driven to about 78 miles. Although low, this may make the car lighter and hence more dynamic.

The BMW i5 is being termed as a rival to the Tesla Model S.

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