Essential Tips For Keeping The In Good Condition

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Keeping The In Good Condition

If you are looking forwards to a great experience with your vehicle, then the first essential aspect is car maintenance.  And, tyres are one of the most essential components of the maintenance of your vehicle. After all, your drive using bad quality tyres not only consumes more fuel, but it can be very unsafe and dangerous to drive your car which is fitted with non-roadworthy tyres. As a car owner, you must know how to take good care of your vehicle and keep those tyres in good condition. If you know that your tyres are in good shape and condition, you can drive confidently and safely on the roads.

The Rotation of the Tyre:

In order to ensure even wear and tear, the tyres are often shifted from one position on the car to another. The tyres in the front bear more of the car’s weight and thus tend to wear down faster. Most manufacturers recommended tyres should be rotated after about eight thousand km. Thus, if you have driven more than 6,000 km, it is time to rate the tyres.

The Pressure of the Tyre:

The Rotation of the Tyre

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Another essential aspect is the Tyre pressure. It is vital to have properly inflated tyres so that they are safe from any damage. Keep in mind that low-pressure tyres tend to raise the fuel consumption. Check the user manual to know the correct tyre pressure for your car. Check the tyre pressure at least every month and after you have driven a good number of kilometers.

The Depth of the Tyre:

The Depth of the Tyre

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Tyre tread is very essential as it prevents the risk of aquaplaning and keeps the car under control. It helps to get rid of the water between the tyre and road. As the tyres wear out over time, the tyre design itself undergoes damage because of uneven road surfaces, hard braking, and high-speed driving. The tread depth varies between 1.5mm and 1.6mm. Look at the tread wear indicator to know the depth of the tyre.

The Alignment of The Wheels:

If you want to safeguard the tyres and ensure optimum level experience and safety from your vehicle, then keep an eye on the Wheel alignment. The alignment between the wheels and axles should be proper to protect the tyre and avoid premature wear. Wheel balancing keeps the wheel and tyres in the balance as well as protects the bearings and suspension. Any vibration and premature wear and tear of the tyre gets arrested.

The Repair and Replacement of Tyre:

In case you feel that the tyres are no longer in good condition, then think about repairing or replacing them. Take them to a tyre specialist for an inspection and get his views. The specialist will inspect the outer and inner condition of the tyre to ensure compliance. He may give the opinion if the tryes can be repaired or need to be replaced. The driving style, climate, and storage, as well as the kilometres driven, are some of the deciding factors.

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