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Safer Yet Smarter – GMC Yukon 2016

The car has been in rage since 1999, however, during those times this car was not safe according to the safety features present in the car these days. The cherry-red GMC Yukon XL Denali, was launched in that year to entice the target segment and it very well was able to lure them. The car has been entirely revamped now for the niche and is being re-launched in the year 2016.

The new features include am enhanced driver alert package that assist in lane-keeping. The car also has auto high beams that alert you in case of a possible forward collision. The most attractive feature of the car is the vibrating seat alerts in case of any defaults made, like the lane-departure warning. The cars have wheels wider than the standard 22inch wheels in the truck. It also comes with a high alert security system making it tougher for the car thieves.