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Hennessey’s Souped-Up Mustang Goes over 200 MPH

Hennessey has introduced a new version of the Ford Mustang called the HPE750. Introduced in the Jay Leno’s Garage web series, the HPE750 went a staggering 207.9 mph. This is the fastest car that is available for less than $70,000.

The vehicle contains a 5.0L V8 engine rated at 774 hp and uses a 2.9L supercharger. It also uses a carbon fiber body and system to keep the drag from being high.

Tested on a large oval track in Texas, this can go from 0 to 60 mph in about 3.4 seconds. It can also get through a quarter-mile in about 10.9 seconds at 133 mph.

The HPE750 was particularly tested at the same Continental Tire testing ground in Uvalde, Texas where an earlier model reached a high speed. The HPE700 got to about 195 mph here.

The car also features 19-inch wheels. These are supported Hennessey H10 tires that are especially light in weight. A 20-inch option is also expected to be made available although it’s uncertain as to how much extra that would cost.

The HPE750 and its test will be shown on the CNBC network later this year. Jay Leno’s Garage will be moving from its online form to air on this popular cable network.