Honda Rolls Out Two Accord Hybrid Premium Sedans for Japanese Market

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Hybrid vehicles are very much in demand and therefore Honda has come up with the launch of the all new Honda Accord Hybrid EX and Accord Plug-in Hybrid that will be available for sale in the Japanese market. Both the new Accord Hybrid vehicles will feature Sport Hybrid i-MMD also known as Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive which is a revolutionary powertrain developed by Honda. The automaker said that the new powertrain that they have incorporated belongs to the Earth Dreams Technology series that offers outstanding fuel economy.


  • The exterior of the new Honda Accord Hybrid remains similar to the conventional Honda Accord. However, there are minor changes on the front side and the rear to improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle and to offer better fuel economy.


  • The sedan gets better hybrid powertrain system also known as Sport Hybrid i-MMD that combines a new developed gasoline engine with electric CVT enclosing two motors. The new system automatically selects from three drive modes, EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive.
  • While EV Drive is for normal cruising, Hybrid Drive is for better acceleration and Engine Drive is for high speed cruising on the highway.
  • Using the new hybrid technology Honda Accord Hybrid EX is able to deliver 30 kmpl making it one of the high fuel economy mini vehicles. On the other hand, Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid offers fuel economy of 70.4 kmpl which is pretty impressive. The battery used in Plug-in Hybrid offers users to cover 37.6 km in EV mode which is pretty impressive. Plug-in Hybrid can also be charged using an ordinary household electrical outlet.


Honda has also incorporated various other safety features like electric servo braking system which is the next level regenerative braking system that was initially developed for Honda Fit EV. Both the vehicles will also have Hill Start Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and new Collision Mitigation Brake System. The body structure of the hybrid vehicles will incorporate Honda’s proprietary technology called G-Force Control Technology. The hybrids will also be loaded with side airbags along with other safety technologies.


Both the new hybrid sedans will have V layout of the front and rear seats that makes it better for the occupants to get better field view. The center console is very driver-centric and therefore most of the controls are close to the driver. The seats are wide and comfortable and offer better lateral support.

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