How to keep your car in proper shape

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People are emotionally attached to their cars and always want to keep their vehicles in good shape. This is not too much to ask for, just by following a few tips one can maintain it in a proper way.

Tires of the car should always be properly inflated

Experts always advise to keep the inflation level of the tires in the right band as it is seen that gas mileage can be improved by a significant number that is 3.3%. At the same time, tires that are under inflated have poor mileage and moreover it is not safe to drive with such wheels while going for long distances. Tire gauges are user friendly so they should be used for better results. Drivers should always keep an eye on the tread wear indicators as the tires should be replaced according to these indicators.

Engine of your car should be in proper state

You should get your car checked for the gas emissions on a regular basis.

Oil should be checked regularly

One of the main food for your car is the oil, so you should always keep it clean and in the right quantity. With its daily meal,your vehicle will not be able to function properly. Get the oil level checked regularly and it should be changed after the defined number of miles traversed. If same oil is used over and over again, it reduced the efficiency after a few months down the line. So, mark your calender to get it checked every week and after you hit 4000-5000 miles.

Perform a regular check up of all the safety attributes

Safety features like brake system, belts and the battery of your vehicle should be checked by the mechanic as per the need. The brakes are designed by the engineers in such a way that they need to be replaced in the defined fashion in order to maintain the efficiency of the braking system. You should get it checked at least once in a month. Brakes are very important feature especially when it comes to your safety. At any point if you feel that the braking system is not functioning properly, give it for a service without wasting time. Coming to the next feature that is added to ensure safety are the safety belts. As these are made out of rubber, you should get them checked for elasticity. If you feel these belts have worn out, replace them. Batteries should be checked once in a month to ensure that there is no corrosion. These should be cleaned regularly. Like other spare parts, batteries too get old and need replacement as and when required. Make sure that they are functioning properly and are charged to the optimum level.

Interiors should be kept clean and dust free

For the cabin to smell good and be in good state always, interiors should be vacuum cleaned as and when required. This is important to keep the cabins dirt and dust free. Many of the drivers give a lot of emphasis on the interiors, They are ready to spend a huge amount if the interiors are classy and of high quality. So, it can make or break a deal if the interiors are not kept clean or if any of the electronic system installed in the cabin is not functioning properly. According to the market surveys done, the cabin of a car holds most of the value so it is very important to keep it shinning and up to the standard.

Check the lights

The headlights, tail lights, back lights all should be checked. This is another important point as misaligned lights can prove to be disastrous. It is harmful not only for other drivers on the road but also for you as it will lead to distraction.

Just by following these few steps, you can always keep your car in a good state and this helps in increasing the life span of the automobile. If at any point in time, you feel that something is not functioning properly, get it checked immediately and replaced as per the need. Any sort of unwanted noise, weird smell or anything unwanted around you should be checked for.

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