Hyundai’s New Speed Camera Detection System Automatically Slows down Cars

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Tired of constantly getting caught by speed cameras? Hyundai’s new speed camera detection system prevents drivers from speeding by automatically slowing down when a speed camera is nearby. This system isn’t something new, as it has been included in high end cars before. But it traditionally relied on GPS systems to warn drivers of oncoming speeding cameras.

Hyundai’s new technology, however, makes clever use of GPS as well as automatic braking to make sure drivers aren’t over the speeding limit. This is done by automatically checking the speed camera’s location and slowing down 800 meters in advance.

The new speed detection system is definitely a better alternative than complex radar or laser technology, which is not only expensive, but also inaccurate as compared to GPS mapping. Though the system can detect standstill cameras, it is ineffective against portable and highway patrol cameras.

New Hyundai Genesis models

Hyundai plans on equipping this system in the new Hyundai Genesis models. The technology may prove controversial, as many argue that it encourages drivers to speed without any regard for speeding violations. While that is a debate for another day, the system definitely hints at the prospects of self-driving cars in the future.

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