Jaguar announces winning ‘Fearless Design’ concepts for Clerkenwell Design Week 2014

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Jaguar is  a brand of Land Rover  owned by TATA Motors since 2008, Jaguar have publicly been declared Fearless Design competition winner. Under fearless Design,  The company, via social media ran a design competition as the principal sponsor of Clerkenwell  in the UK(20-22 May) for the fourth consecutive year it will be the headline sponsor. The entrant  is required to describe the inspiration behind the concept could only use 140 characters. Lan Callum the Jaguar Design director approved the winner Justin Silke the winner architect and interior designer and entitled to “untamed Creativity.” At design week, the design will be front stage at Jaguars exhibits with concepts based on  “Untamed Creativity idea.”

Fearless Design competition winner

The Jaguar suite of exhibits at Clerekenwell  Design week  design will be brought to life and will become  focal point,  sitting along with Jaguar and fellow event partner Foscarine created a bespoke installation, this unusual installation presented in the Farmilloe Building’s dramatic artrium as an illuminative sculpture will be the production version of new Jaguar F-TYPE Coupe’ sports. Mr. Callum Jaguar design director  was in a strong desire to create a Jaguar two seat  sports car and the F-type coupe’ is the realization of long held ambition.

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