Make an Impression on your First Day at University in McLaren P1

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First impression is important, especially for freshmen arriving at university. Uni Baggage, a UK company that ships student belongings, is providing student’s a chance to make a splash on their entrance in Fresher’s week. The ‘Very Important Freshers’ service offers students an option to land in a chauffeur-driven $1.2 million McLaren P1.

First day in college can be nerve wrecking with anxiety of a new beginning, but Uni Baggage believes it is harder to sulk in a luxury car. You can choose from a fleet of high performance luxury cars including Rolls-Royce Phantom, McLaren P1, Aston Martin and Ferrari F430. Most importantly, you can hire a supercar for a day, including separate shipment of your belongings in just £15,000 to £18,000. For some, riding a luxury car might not be enough; for such fellows Uni Baggage also offers helicopter and private jet ride.

So, how did it start for a company whose main business was student’s luggage delivery? A number of their affluent customers asked if the company could drop them off too, in addition to delivering their luggage. This generated a new business idea of offering luxury transport services to students. Paul Stewart, Co-founder Uni Baggage explained that most students demanding this service belong to America, China and Middle East who desire to make an impact on the first day while others are just used to be driven in luxury cars.

Very Important Freshers’ service will be used by 20 to 30 students this time , as opposed to the 10,000 students getting their belongings delivered by Uni Baggage.

Things are surely changing; many of us were happy taking a bus to college in our days. Whether this service would help freshers set a positive first impression or make them the most loathed kids in their campus is yet to be seen.

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