Mazda 2 to feature the small-displacement clean diesel engine

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Mazda Moto Corp has finally announced about the latest Mazda 2 which s up for release. According to the company updates, this car will come with the SKYACTIV-D engine. This 1.5 liter engine will have a remarkably smaller displacement along with a feature called ‘clean diesel’. Equipped with the next generation technology of SKYACTIV; the Mazda 2 is ready to amuse its fans with a super powerful performance.

Just like the SKYACTIV-D, the clean diesel technology was also available in popular models like CX-5. Here, it was aimed to offer perfect combustion even with a comparatively low ratio of compression. Due to these reasons, the engine now boasts the most stunning and superbly charged performance. The torque is now equal to the power of a 2.5 liter engine. Moreover, besides the on-road performance, the environmental efficiency of this car is equally remarkable.

2014 Mazda2

This new engine comes with a plethora of features. Among them, the turbocharger with a rotation sensor and the homogenous lean burn are the most commendable ones. The loss of cooling is suppressed by the transition of combustion mode in the engine. Besides that, the superb combustion and environmental efficiency add to the power and comfort of this hi-tech engine.

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