McLaren announces its Next Supercar Venture Launch between P1 and 650S in 2016

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Next McLaren Supercar

British car manufacturing giant, McLaren, have a reputation of producing some of best racing cars in the recent history. Therefore, it is now a long awaited journey for their next venture in Supercar which has been confirmed to be launched in 2016 between their other versions P1 and 650S.

Next McLaren SupercarThis market thrives on the constant thrill, edge and excitement and new launches by companies like McLaren attract constant attention and scrutiny. Thus, there has been no formal announcements made on the specific details and features of the product.

It is expected that since the company has agreed to share technology in order to be cost effective, the body of car might be of carbon fibre chassis as in the case of P1 and 650S. The experts in the business have made calculated predictions that the cars’ power source would be twin-turbocharged with other common traits like 3.8-liter V-8, dual-clutch transmission with paddle shifters, etc.

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