Nissan LEAF Helps Owners in Sandy Hit Areas

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Nissan LEAF

Although, the Hurricane Sandy has moved out of the United States region but the after effects of the storm is now visible on the economy of the nation. Many of the vehicle owners in New Jersey and New York now claim that they have been struggling to get gas for their vehicle which means people have to look out for electric vehicles that they can use to move goods across the city. Hurricane Sandy has done a lot of damage to New Jersey and New York and many homes, offices and subways have been flooded.

Nissan LEAF

On the other hand, lot of trees have been damaged and electric utility companies have been working full time to restore the power as quickly as possible. Some of the people in the area are now using Nissan LEAF that is helping them to move around the city because the vehicle does not need any gas. Varun Bhatia, Nissan LEAF owner in Long Island claims that he is glad that he made the decision to get an electric car and that he is able to drive it when everyone else is in tough position to take their car on the streets. He said that the car helped him the most when the storm hit the city.

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