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Novitec Rosso Group Unveils Special Exhaust System for Ferrari 458 Speciale

The Novitec Rosso Group has disclosed a special exhaust system for the Ferrari 458 Speciale by uploading a video of it on YouTube. The Ferrari 458 Speciale sports the new Novitec Rosso exhaust model which is comprised of INCONEL, a material primarily used in Formula 1 race cars. The INCONEL made exhaust allowed the German Tuner to optimize the exhaust note and power output by the car while reducing its weight as well.

The Ferrari boasts a 4.5L V8-90° Engine  with a maximum power output of (597 hp) 445 kW @ 9000rpm and a torque of 540Nm @ 6000rpm. It features a 7-Speed F1 dual clutch transmission which helps push the maximum speed of the car to greater than 325 km/h. It has a specific power output of 135 cv/l which for a naturally aspirated road-going engine is a world record. The Ferrari 458 Speciale covers 100 km/h from standstill in 3.0 secs and is fitted with a high performance ABS/EBD (Antilock Braking system/electronic brake force distribution) system, stability control, F1 traction control, Third Generation Electronic Differential, Side Slip angle control and Magnetorheological suspension control with frequency analysis system and twin solenoid.

The German tuner, Novitec Rosso specializes in Italian sports cars like the famous Ferrari. The Track focused Ferrari 458 Speciale was fitted with a number of carbon-fiber aero trim bits to improve the car’s down force. The carbon trim bits include a new front fascia, front lip spoiler, rear wing, rear diffuser and rocker panels. The upgrade kit for the speciale will push the Hp to 636 at 9250rpm and the torque to 572Nm. The car was tested rigorously in wind tunnels to develop the optimal level of trims which coupled with a remapped ECU and the special lighter & louder exhaust system will make it run as efficient as possible. View more photos of Ferrari 458 Speciale