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Rare Sports Car Goes For Big Bucks At An Auction

Classic cars continue to be big hits on the auction block and the 1936 Fraser Nash TT Rep is just one example. This classic car went for about £250,000 at a Leominster auction. Specifically, it went to a buyer in Switzerland for about £236,500.

This car is a two-seater with a vibrant green body. Featuring a chain-drive transmission, it has a quarter-elliptic transmission and a 1.5L four-cylinder engine. A marvel of its time, this car also features an extended front with its own bright grille and two closely-paired headlights to complete the look. The spare tyre is also prominently displayed on the side of the vehicle.

Of course, this is not the only car that has gone for big bucks on the auction block in recent time. A 1964 Mini Cooper MkI also went out on the auction block for a strong £11,000, a big value for such a unique classic car.