Small cars with a big personality: the Fiat hype

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Fiat  Ducato

In every industry, there are always items which capture the public attention and divide opinions. From Apple’s flagship smartphone to computer tablets, it is often the small products which have the biggest impact on our opinions.

This even applies to the motor industry and while some will always attest that ‘bigger is better’, Italian manufacturers Fiat consistently prove that good things can come in small packages with their range of vehicles which have small dimensions but big personalities.

Fiat Ducato

Here we look at some of their most popular options and understand just what the Fiat hype is all about.


Looking for more than a standard city car? Want a flatbed van that can be put to commercial as well as domestic use? If so then the Ducato could be just the ticket. These compact vans are a practical solution to those in the market for a commercial crossover vehicle and prove that small doesn’t have to mean restricted!

Fiat  Ducato

The Doblo has a one tonne trailer weight limit, space for 7 seats and a total internal load capacity of 3,200 litres so it’s hardly limiting you! There’s even intelligent suspension to help you get a smooth ride and model variations including the Ducato conversion for extra variety.


Perhaps their most recognisable small vehicle, the Fiat 500 has managed to successfully market itself alongside the likes of Mini Coopers and VW Beatles. The quirky, smooth lines of the car’s profile are one of its biggest selling points but you’ll find plenty of features under the bonnet too.

Fiat 500

Heralded as a fuel-efficient city car, the vehicles are made from 95% recyclable materials and offer three engine types to give you the performance you deserve. Want to put your own individual stamp on the car? Well, the 500 comes with 500,000 ways to customise so you won’t be short of options!


Looking for a small car with plenty of impact on the road? Fiat’s Punto range certainly delivers with a chassis a little larger than the 500 but still with plenty of oomph. You can update the interior to a leather if you want something a little indulgent and the cars also feature low emissions so that you’re as kind to the planet as you are to your wallet.

Fiat  Punto

Start/Stop engine technologies help give the Punto it’s clean, green status and the choice between 3 and 5 door models means that this small car can be tailored to solo motorists or small families as necessary.

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