Texting While Driving is the New Technology Evil

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We normally associated death with natural deaths and people who have died in war and fights that go across the world. However, there are many people that have died due to car accidents and the numbers are only increasing as more and more reports come in. As per the latest information provided by US government there are more than 10.8 million deaths caused by car accidents by the year 2009 and the numbers are definitely more when the new statistics will come in. The governments around the world are now focusing on different campaigns that they can carry out to ensure that people follow safe driving practices.

Safe Driving

In recent times texting while driving  has been one of the major causes for car accidents and deaths and therefore many people now feel that people should be made aware that it is not safe to text messages while driving.  There are many countries where governments are already planning to take necessary steps to curb the issues of death causing from texting while driving for which they have come up with better sign boards and hoardings that warn drivers not to use cell phones or smartphones while they are driving their cars.

As per the records that have come in most of the car deaths and accidents that have occurred due to texting while driving involves drivers that are from the age group of 18 to 25. This means that youngsters that go for a drive with their peers or with their friends need to be more cautious about handling their vehicle and not to pick up their smartphones or cell phones while they are driving as it can cost them their life. CNN has already come up with various programs for youngsters that educate them about how picking up the smartphone at the wrong time and texting messages while driving can prove fatal and can lead to major accident in just a matter of time.

Four states in the United States have decided to ban driving while texting which also includes Washington. Apart from these four states there are more 17 states that are going to join the ban driving while texting campaign. This means that all young and inexperienced drivers will now be banned from using their cell phones. They will be allowed to use emergency calls but they will not be able to make or pick up regular calls. They will not be allowed to use the hands-free kit as well to pick up the calls. According the various research groups it has been found that 46% of the drivers between age group of 16 and 20 admit that they do texting while driving.

On the other hand, another research done by Nationwide Insurance says that 37% of the drivers between 18 and 27 years of age prefer texting while driving, while only 2% drivers between age group 44 to 60 years of age prefer texting messages while driving. Some states like Washington and Oregon have penalties for people who are using their smartphones or cellphones while driving but that is still not the perfect solution to bring down the death numbers.

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