The Best Luxury Used Cars That Offer Amazing Value

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Most drivers would love the chance to be able to own a luxury car; however most appear out of our reach. The prices of luxury cars can range, but typically we find ourselves not being able to afford them straight off the forecourt. This is where the used car market can really help.

You do not have to spend big to get your own luxury car, but you will need to consider other costs when it comes to buying one. Think about finance options and how costly the car is to run and insure before making your decision.

You may find your luxury car at a dedicated luxury used car centre. But also consider the ‘diamond in the rough’ at more traditional garages like After carefully considering a number of makes and models, take a look at these incredible used luxury cars:

Mercedes S-Class

If you are looking for a reliable and luxurious used car, then the Mercedes S-Class should be the first model you take a look at. The more current Mercedes W222 model still provides the driver with a great drive. But it can make you feel that there is something missing when comparing it to its predecessor – the S-Class.

You can pick up a used Mercedes S-Class for around £8,000 depending on its condition and mileage. This may seem like a lot, but in the world of luxury cars it is actually a very reasonable amount to spend. Another great advantage is that the Mercedes S-Class is super reliable, and rarely throws up any problems.

Like with any car, the secret to preserving the Mercedes S-Class is regular servicing. Do not go cheap, and make sure that the parts being used are authentic and approved Mercedes parts.

Audi A8

The Audi A8 is a very popular choice amongst the driving population. It was the flagship of Audi from 2002 – 2009 and came with a huge diesel engine, spacious interior and rugged good looks. Like the Mercedes S-Class the car itself is reliable, as you would expect from an Audi. It also comes at a reasonable price of around £4,000.

BMW 7 Series

Another German car brand that makes the list is the BMW 7 Series. However, unlike the Mercedes and Audi, this BMW doesn’t quite hold its value. Great news of buyers, but not so great for sellers. This BMW 7 series comes with some great kit, and a focus on technology equipment that can make a luxury car just that little bit more special.

Aston Martin Rapide

If you do have a little more money in your pocket to spend, then you may want to consider the Aston Martin Rapide, which only costs £70,000. As you would expect from an Aston Martin, the Rapide gives its owner the perfect balance of speed, style and performance. The Rapide can get up to speeds of around the 200mph mark, as well as looking truly spectacular.

Whatever luxury car you decide on, make sure you shop around for the best deal.

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