The Best of the Backseat

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If you are like most people, when you bought your vehicle, you probably didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the backseat. Sure, you made certain it had one and you might have even tested out the legroom. But unless you have kids or you need to spend a lot of time in the backseat yourself, you probably didn’t pay it a lot of attention.


The thing is that you can make your backseat into a showpiece and a valuable addition to your car. From relaxation to entertainment, you can upgrade your backseat to the point where no one will ever call shotgun when riding in your car.

Relaxation Station

The Rolls-Royce Phantom has set the gold standard for relaxing backseats, with built-in heat and massage, individual refrigerators and signature crystal decanters for your favorite adult beverage. Of course, this kind of luxury comes with a price tag –almost $400,000 – and the gas mileage, with an average 11 miles per gallon, is laughable. (Although if you can afford this car, gas prices probably aren’t a concern.)

While most average people can’t afford a Rolls, you can take some cues from this uber-luxurious car to upgrade your own backseat. Consider retrofitting the seats with heaters or adding massaging seat covers. If you have the space, you can install a small refrigerator designed for cars that keeps several drinks cold, so your passengers can quench their thirst while you chauffeur them to the mall or soccer practice. Some vehicles can even be upgraded to include a fridge in the backseat armrest. Just flip it down, open the top and pop open a refreshing beverage.

More than Just Scenery!

These days, television or DVD systems in cars aren’t all that unusual – especially in SUVs and minivans marketed to families. However, many car makers have taken in-car entertainment to a whole new level. The Buick LaCrosse, for example, comes with individual televisions installed into the seats, allowing each backseat passenger to watch their own program of choice. If you have kids, you know this is a great feature (especially on long and grueling car trips). If your car doesn’t come with these entertainment systems installed, you can retrofit them into most vehicles. At the low end, you can purchase in-car DVD systems that attach with straps to the back of the front seats. If you have more of a budget, or want a truly custom backseat, visit a specialty retailer to learn your options for more permanent installations. Don’t forget about premium systems that include satellite TV, high-quality sound and more.

Of course, entertainment isn’t just visual. Do you often ride with passengers that have a different taste in music? Consider installing an iPod dock and headphones so they can listen to their tunes in peace. Or have a Wi-Fi adapter added to the car, so your passengers can update their social media and tell the world about your absolutely cool backseat.

Go Ahead, Get Some Rest

We’ve all been there. You’re riding in the backseat, when the front passenger decides that he or she would like to relax and reclines the front seat right into your lap, a truly thoughtful gesture. For the most part, backseat riders have been pretty much limited to riding sitting straight up. You can change that though, if you install reclining seats in the back of the car. Reclining rear seats are available in most minivans and some SUVs, but in sedans, they are limited to luxury models like Lexus.

If your car has the size and space to allow it, though, you might be able to retrofit more comfortable seats into your car. Add a pillow and a blanket and you might be able to have a peaceful drive, for a change.

After decades of neglect, car backseats are finally getting some love from car makers. If you don’t have the budget to pick up one of the models that has a tricked-out rear seat, you can take some of the highpoints and upgrade your existing car to make it more comfortable or entertaining. Just be prepared to have to drive as a carpool more often!

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