The Chrysler Group Goes Two-Tone with Glacier

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It may seem a bit odd to those of you who live outside the mess that is winter, and its bitter bite. But for those living where winter is just as real as spring, summer and fall—four seasons needs a vehicle that can fit the mold. Although it is just a sedan, the exclusive and very classy looking 2013 Chrysler 300 Glacier is going to leave a huge impression for some who are on the market for a special edition sedan.

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The Glacier 300 model is really a play on words if you think about it.  When you think of a Glacier, you think of something moves very slowly, large bodied and frigid. The Chrysler sedan is nowhere like that. It is powerful, is agile, and some may describe its appearance as “hot”. But where the Glacier gets its name from is simply its design, its cooler and calm appearance. The exterior is outlined with a glossy black, and its body paint comes in either a snow white, silver metallic a glistening blue pearl. But the major kicker when it comes to its colorful design is the introduction of a two tone option. The option allows buyers to remove the body colored roof, and replace it with an all black top to add remarkable contrast between the lighter body color.

Some special features and designs of the 2013 Glacier are body color accents, glossy black mirrors, and a black chrome sculpted grille that give the face of the vehicle a cut look.  Now if you take the already muscular design of the basic 300 model, and its near perfect lines, top that with the color contrasts and special features of the Glacier—and you have yourself one very attractive model.

But the beauty of the Glacier doesn’t start and end with just the outside of the vehicle, it is as equally as fascinating on the inside. The cabin of the Glacier might just be one of the most charming interiors offered in North America that isn’t of high luxury value, or custom designed. The entire interior is outlined perfectly with a ‘piano black’, more specifically along the gauges, instrumental panel, center stack and steering wheel. Much like the exterior this glossy back outline provides great impact value for the primary color, allowing it to really pop out at you.

What gets the Chrysler 300 Glacier moving is a powerful 300-horsepower V6 PentaStar engine, which is matched with a strong eight-speed transmission which shifts gears with ease. Much like the standard 300 model, the Glacier maneuvers incredibly well, it is agile, it is powerful and from those watching from outside are going to look at this vehicle with amazement with how easily it prowls the streets. There is a lot of hype about this automobile, but rightfully so. It is a perfect blend of power, comfort and class. It’s unique design and two-tone color (optional) will surely make you very visible to others on the road or even pedestrians.

So how much are we looking at here Mr. Bob Barker? Well it sure isn’t one dollar. Many reports have the Glacier starting at just a tad bit under $38,000. Again this isn’t a vehile everyone will have, this is something special for those who truly enjoy the Chrysler brand, and who are attracted to the optional two-tone look. If you are wanting to learn more about the Glacier, and how you may look into purchasing one. Then you should reach out to your local Chrysler Group dealer, like Arrigo Palm Beach.

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