The Ford Fiesta: Why Everyone Is Buying This Popular Hatchback!

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It’s no secret that the Ford Fiesta is Europe’s best-selling small hatchback car. In fact, it’s even doing well in other markets such as North America and Asia! You will doubtless know that there are plenty of other cars in the same class competing for that top spot.

But, what is it about the humble Ford Fiesta that makes it such a good car for a variety of people? It is because it’s been around for nearly 40 years? Or maybe it’s down to the “blue oval” badge on the bonnet?

The truth is there are plenty of reasons for its popularity. Let me share with you some of them:


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It always looks super-cool

Arguably one of the Ford Fiesta’s biggest rivals is the Volkswagen Golf. Both Ford and VW build performance or “hot hatch” versions of their popular small cars. And, I have to say, the Fiesta is always the one that looks the best for me!

Of course, that’s just my own personal viewpoint. But ask many car enthusiasts and you’ll find that most of them agree with me too. Even in standard guise, the Ford Fiesta’s sleek lines and contours make it fit well wherever it goes.

You can buy them anywhere

Because the Ford Fiesta is such a popular mass-produced vehicle, you will find them on sale wherever you are! So, it doesn’t matter whether you look online or go to your nearest Autoworld car supermarket. You are bound to find a Fiesta for sale near you!

But, what happens if you’re looking for a particular year or trim? The Web is teeming with enthusiasts that can put you in touch with potential sellers.

You don’t have to worry about trying to source a rare car when you get a Ford Fiesta. Even if it’s twenty years old!


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They are great for learners

Are you learning to drive? Perhaps you’re helping your son or daughter buy their first car? Whatever the reason, the Ford Fiesta has always proven to be a great first car for learner drivers.

Let me explain why:

  • They are easy to manoeuvre;
  • Anyone can drive one;
  • They are cheap to insure.

Today’s models are packed with technology

You can be forgiven for thinking that a car like the Ford Fiesta will seldom have a raft of tech features and gadgets as standard.

Today’s Fiestas come with features like the Ford SYNC infotainment system. Put simply, you can connect your smartphone to the car and stream music, make hands-free calls and more. There are also plenty of safety enhancements designed to make your life on the road less risky.


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They are perfect for city living

The Ford Fiesta is one of those cars that is deceptively big inside. That means you and four adult passengers can travel in comfort for long distances. It’s one of the reasons why city dwellers prefer to drive the Fiesta over any other model.

Anyone that lives in a crowded city location will tell you how scarce parking spaces are. At least when you’re driving a car like the Fiesta, you’ll be able to park anywhere!

So, when will you go and buy one?

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