The Weirdest McLaren P1 Pickup you have ever seen

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McLaren P1 Pickup

If you are in need of s supercar which can dominate on the race track as well as the Home Depot parking lot then your search ends here. The design of the morphed car is actually carried out using photoshop and it does not look like any of the McLaren super cars that we are used to seeing.

The engine (which gets placed at the back of the car) seems to be missing and even the designer who came up with the design doesn’t seem to know where the engine is to be placed. However Yasid Design has managed to morph a McLaren P1 with a pickup truck and that result looks nothing like the McLaren cars that people go crazy over.

However it still remains to be seen if McLaren will actually carry out this design and come up with a pickup truck. As of now it remains on paper.

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