TV Campaign for the BMW i3 Went on Air last Weekend for the European Market

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The German auto brand BMW launched its TV campaign for the i3 all electric cars. The new i3 will make its debut in the market on 16th November 2013. The TV ad of the BMW i3 has a really impressive sound track which is the version of a song called Broken Promise Land from Munich based electronic pop outfit ‘CLAIRE’. The ad has been released on an EP with the same name across Germany and US but unfortunately it is not available yet in the UK. According to the Music Publisher Copyriot said that the BMW version of the song has new lyrics and is called Horizon and soon will be launched on iTunes. The BMW i3 will be available in Canada in the first half of 2014 at a starting price of $44,950.


The BMW i3 commercial named as “Decisions” when starts, the camera focuses two cars driving side by side a BMW i3 and a BMW i8 via backstreet of the city. The narrator discusses the future plans and decisions of the company that the company had to reinvent the production of automobile from the ground up-to develop an electric vehicle with a strong passenger cell constructed of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and aluminum chassis. The camera zooms out each and every movement of the car.

To make the camera tracking seamless throughout the ad, the BMW used a combination of helicopter with 3D animated technology of latest cinema quality. The ad was shot in Chicago and the credit of the creative ad goes to Dorten (Berlin/Stuttgart) and the film production by Hochkant film Munich.

The global marketing communication for the BMW I manager, Uwe Dreher said, “The new TV spot is the highpoint of our BMW i3 launch campaign. The viewer experiences the lengthy decision-making process behind the BMW i3 in fast motion, so that, at the end, it feels like you are right inside the car. The film will make viewers eager to experience for themselves the fascinating and unique driving feeling and typical BMW driving pleasure the electric BMW i3 has to offer.”

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