Used or Brand New Truck Parts: Which of The Two Should You Get?

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Truck repair is expensive and the bulk of your repair costs will likely come from the parts used to repair it. Here are some things to consider when purchasing new or used truck parts.

Whether you are performing minor or major repairs on your commercial truck, it is the parts that are going to be the biggest drain to your operating budget. As a result of this, many commercial truck operators will consider buying and installing used parts instead of new truck parts.

The purpose of this article is to provide our readers with a clear breakdown of the pros and cons of buying both used and new truck parts for your truck repairs.

At the end of the day, it will all boil down to personal values, finances, and business requirements however it certainly doesn’t hurt to consider the advantage or disadvantages of both.

First, let’s look at new truck parts and the benefits of employing them when repairing your commercial truck.


Pro #1 of New Truck Parts: Extended Warranty

What put you in the position of buying new commercial truck parts, to begin with? Did a part give out and break on its own? If this is the case, you might want to consider buying a new one. The benefit of purchasing brand new commercial truck parts is that they come with an extended warranty and you can get your parts replaced at no cost if they break within the warranty period. Be sure to consider how old your part was before it broke.

Pro #2 of New Truck Parts: Fits Like a Glove

Without any wear and tear, brand new commercial truck parts will fit the best and ensure superior performance from your truck. New parts tend to run the most efficiently and will improve your bottom line in more ways than one because of this.

Con #1 of New Truck Parts: The Waiting Game

Due to the cost associated with them, many repair shops and stores don’t keep every part on hand so they will likely need to be shipped directly from the manufacturer. This can be a massive problem for smaller trucking businesses that need all their vehicles on the road and not sitting idle in a repair shop.

Con #2 of New Truck Parts: Price

Surprise! New commercial truck parts are also more expensive, although as mentioned above in the pros, these additional costs could be mitigated through efficiencies that are gained from using them.



Pro #1 of Used Truck Parts: Cost Reduction

With the economy as it is, many companies are scrambling to cut a little fat off their operating budgets, and used truck parts just might be the way to go about it. With a careful understanding of what makes a part reliable, it is possible to find used parts that are good as new.

Pro #2 of Used Truck Parts: Greater Availability

If you own a smaller commercial truck operation with fewer rigs to put into circulation, truck parts might be a blessing. They are easier to find, and as such, faster to have installed so you can put rubber on the road in no time!

Con #1 of Used Truck Parts: Limited Warranty and Lifespan

It’s sad but true; many used parts will likely last a shorter lifespan than their newer counterparts. This is obvious, however, it is worth stating. It’s rare to find used truck parts with extended warranties because of this.

Con #2 of Used Truck Parts: If There’s Warranty Left, It Will Cost You

Not all used truck parts are as cheap as the next used part. In the case of used commercial truck parts, if you’re shopping based on cost alone, having a warranty left on them may actually be detrimental to your budget.

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