All-New 2015 Fit Specs and Prices

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The 2015 Honda Fit, which is expected to go on sale in different parts of the world in the coming few months, is a lot more stylish and fuel-efficient than its previous models. The part is, it does not compromise on the flexibility of the interior.

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Honda is yet to announce the official pricing of the 2015 Fit, but it is widely believed that the price will start from $15,500.

As compared to the wedge shape of the previous models of Fit, the 2015 version has a more aggressive yet elegant appearance. The windshield is steeply rakes, but a box-like shape and smaller tires of the vehicle are quite prominent.

While the previous two generations of Honda Fit looked more like scaled-down minivans, the 2015 model possesses a better look and I believe it will gain greater market success.

The manufacturer has not yet released the specifications of the car, but it is highly expected that the 2015 Honda Fit will have a 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine with a five-speed manual gearbox, which should produce more than 117 horsepower.

The variable transmission is likely to improve the fuel efficiency, being rated 36 MPG in the US. The car offers better fuel efficiency than some of its competitors such as Hyundai Accent, Nissan Versa, Toyota Yaris and Chevrolet Sonic.

A big chrome-ringed speedometer is one of the most notable additions to the interior of the vehicle, apart from improved textures and materials. Just like the previous Fit models, the Magic Seat is available in this version as well.

Apart from many other interior features; USB, auxiliary power ports and Bluetooth are significant connectivity functions of the car.

In comparison to some of the other CVTs in the market, the 2015 Fit performs quite well on the road without causing too much noise.

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