BMW Motorrad commits itself to excellence, on the completion of its 90th anniversary

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For BMW Motorrad, it has been a long story of courage, commitment and passion. As the brand commemorates the making of its boxer model; it will be worth reflecting over its milestone of success. The prime focus of this group has been on motorcycle manufacturing. In order to commemorate the grand occasion; the group has given way to a 1200 GS of matte finish. As one of the most exclusive models, the motorcycle is marked by the distinctive presence of brass plate.

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The much acclaimed brand with its specialized focus on the making of two wheelers is also expected to go in for a planned bit of reorientation. As part of the plan for growth and expansion; the house will give way to different categories of Motorbikes and two wheelers-those beneath the range of 500 cc. In order to go about the deal of expansion; BMW Motorrad has entered into an agreement with TVS Motor– one of the most sought after names in motorcycle manufacturing. While the process of production will be guided by joint planning; the respective house will dwell on its individual package of strength. In this way, the collaborative venture will be mutually advantageous with each partner interacting as well as drawing on the respective strength of the other.

In view of the existing curve of demand; the group seeks to capitalize on the new opportunities and areas of requirement. There is an overwhelming propensity towards vehicles which are fuel effective as well as eco friendly. The group looks all set to implement the needs and requirements of environmental parameters. Not only this, with the completion of its ninetieth year; BMW Motorrad commits itself to expanding and enhancing the benchmarks of quality, durability, speed and performance.

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