Chevrolet Beat – A Hatchback with a Difference

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If you are looking for a stylish hatchback under the price of Rs. 5 lakhs, Chevrolet Beat is the car for you. In addition to its funky styling and unbelievable price, the car offers great interiors that impress even the most critical customer. Moreover, Beat has emerged the topper in ARAI fuel efficiency rating, scoring 11.8 for city and 16.0 for highway. To top it all, the car comes with three-year service guarantee – a rare bonus for cars in its segment.

Chevrolet Beat

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That is not all. Chevrolet’s Beat is light and easy to drive, making it an apt choice for those who have to negotiate city traffic on a daily basis. Impressive packaging, including a chic speedometer that draws stylistic inspiration from a superbike’s speedometer and high ride quality make it one of the top sellers in the hatchback segment. If you have already made up your mind to buy this car, you can get the best deal on it you can get an overview of the car, including its on road price and specifications.

Specifications and features

Chevrolet Beat is available in both petrol and diesel options and both variants offer high fuel economy. The petrol model uses a 4 Cyl, 16V DOHC engine that offers a mileage of 18.6. The comfort and convenience features present in petrol Beat include power steering, battery saver, and tachometer. For safety and security, the car is equipped with 2.5 mph impact proof bumpers and adjustable headrest in the front.

On the flip side

Those with a conventional taste may find the car’s avant-garde design a little too much to digest. Some other areas of improvement in Chevrolet Beat include its compact boot that has a limited cargo capacity of only 170 liters, small rear windows, and poor ergonomics. In addition to that, the grey interiors may appear too dull to some people who prefer lighter hues such as beige when it comes to car interiors. However, superb ride quality and handling, impressive fuel economy, and a shocker price more than make up for the small design flaws mentioned above.

Make the most of great deals available online

We offers the option of booking a test drive in Chevrolet Beat.  you can schedule the same online with a few clicks of your mouse. You can even get a finance quote for the model of car you intend to buy and if the same is a little out of your budget, you can search the used car section on the site and make down payment on the one that fits your needs. You can even download a brochure of the car or initiate a discussion on this car on the online forum.

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