Classic Mini Now Available as a LEGO Set

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Mini has decided to come up with something interesting for the consumers who would like to have a creative version of the vehicle. The automaker revealed that The LEGO Group has unveiled the new 1,077 part LEGO set that provides authentic building and driving for all LEGO and Mini fans. It was also revealed that the LEGO Group designers have built the model based on the classic Mini Cooper built up to the last year 2000. The designers have taken lot of care to ensure that they keep the design similar to the original one.

When fully assembled the car is 25 centimeters long and 14 centimeters wide and 11 centimeters high. It gets the British Racing Green color for its body along with a roof, exterior mirror caps and bonnet stripes that make it look great. The doors, bonnet and tailgate of the vehicle can be opened which provides the view of other interior parts. The replica also has four cylinder engine transversely mounted. It also has movable steering wheel, gear lever, handbrake, handle, backrests and headrests. It also has a steering wheel on the right hand side and a yellow number plate at the rear. The kit also has spare wheel which is located in the bottom compartment of the boot to save space.

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