Dodge’s Top Selling Vehicles: Dart, Challenger and Durango

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Topping the list of best consumer buys across the nation is Dodge’s line of impressive and versatile vehicles. Dodge offers competitive pricing and equipment across the line with their compact Dart, their legendary Challenger, and their ultra-safe, ultra-fun, ultra-tough Durango.



While Chrysler has some very popular vehicles, they were lacking in one major category: the mid-size/compact car. They had a formidable SUV and a truck that was fairly standard in the professional field, but they lacked a vehicle in one of the most consumer coveted sized class.  Sergio Marchionne brought a lot to the Chrysler-Fiat partnership when he executed his knowledge and design of the Alfa Romeo and transfused it with the Dodge Dart. Test drivers say the Dodge Dart is one of the most exciting mid-size/compact cars ever driven.


We recently took a test drive of the Dart through the streets of Philadelphia, courtesy of the Caitlin Dodge dealership of PA. They generously road along with us and as we cruised through city and country roads alike, explained all the features and inner workings of this model. A turbocharged and intercooled SOHC 16-valve 1.4 liter inline-4, 6 speed manual or a choice of two different 6 speed automatics with manual options, the Dodge Dart is definitely the cool kid in class. The starting price for the SXT model is quite nice ($18,790) and for just a little more some exquisite options such as center stack touch screen, rearview camera and 506 watt nine speaker and subwoofer sound system.


The Challenger made its name in an era when muscle cars ruled and there could only be one top dog.  Any car that wasn’t up for the challenge wasn’t a Challenger. While being born in the 60’s means that it is bulky, which translates to lackluster handling around curves, the last 40 some-odd years has shown vast improvements in quiet comfort without sacrificing thrilling power and speed.


The base model SXT holds its own with a 305 horse power V6.  The more powerful R/T comes with a gut-punching 372 horse power 5.7 liter V8, while the top dog SRT 392 brings all the guns with a booming 470 horse power 6.4 liter V8.


The only thing more important than family is transporting said family from one place to another safely.  However, Dodge doesn’t believe that fun has to be sacrificed for safety.  The Durango has a very small turning radius, making it easier to squeeze in and out of smaller spaces than its competitors. It has a more than adequately powerful V6 engine, while retaining very nimble handling.


The Dodge Durango sports a sleek look while being able to stow up to seven passengers. While there are many comparable SUV’s in the mid-size class, the Durango is definitely one to check out.

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